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Join us in St. Mary’s City for an Icon Painting Class with Philip Davydov & Olga Shalamova

June 29 – July 3, 2014

Iconography Workshop Description:

The 4-days Advanced Iconography Workshop , including hands-on instructions and practical sessions, slideshows & lectures, is aimed at helping iconographers increase their professional knowledge and skills. This particular Course is devoted to a very intense study of three traditional techniques of face-painting used by medieval iconographers in Byzantine Greece, Russia, Italy and other countries.

The face-painting techniques to learn:

  • Sankir method
  • Membrane or Sankir-less method
  • Form-modelling method

Icon writing workshop

These principal techniques of face-painting can be used right away or developed, depending on type of icon or mural planned. They have been chosen to introduce iconographers to an immense variety of approaches used by medieval masters, replenishing professional competence and widening the horizon.

Practical skills and theoretical knowledge received during the face-painting course will help our students to work much more intentional manner with more professional results.

Workshop fee:

$460 (Includes tuition, instruments and materials).

To reserve a space, you can either pay full cost of the workshop ($460)  or $200 as a non refundable deposit using the button below. The rest ($260) can be paid by check, cash, or Paypal upon arrival. Go to www.sacredmurals.com to register.

Registration payments are non-refundable, unless the workshop is canceled due to lack of participation. The workshop will be limited to 10 participants with one instructor and 17 with two. Students will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis.


The workshop begins on Monday 30th of June - and finishes on Thursday 3rd of July 2014

The workshop times: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

One hour lunch break is planned to be at about noon. There will also be short breaks for during the day.

Icon writing workshop

Course schedule:

The first day of the workshop will be completely dedicated to preliminary studies, such as different methods of face-drawing, egg tempera professional features and tricks, lectures on professional questions.

During next three days we will practice the face-painting techniques. Each of the methods will be practiced during an entire working day on an individual gessoed panel.

As a material result of the workshop, we plan every student might bring home three images of differnt types of faces, executed on 3 gessoed panels.

All necessary instruments and materials (such as brushes, natural pigments etc.) are provided by the instructor(s). Daily lectures with slide presentations will include discussions on different topics, such as theology and history of Christian sacred art, actual questions of contemporary iconography.

Students are encouraged to take notes during teacher-demonstrations and ask questions for clarification. Students are advised to bring photographs of their icons, previously painted (if any). The needs and questions of each student will be taken into account.

Practical matters:  Every session will begin with a prayer. Writing an icon is taught to be done in a totally focused and concentrated way with no chatting or music. It is very important to go slowly at all times, living and understanding each of the steps deeply in our being. The students are encouraged to come to class each day with a refreshed, open mind and heart.

Who should attent:

We expect participants in the Advanced Iconography Workshop to have some experience in icon writing (icon painting).


Olga Shalamova and Philip Davydov (Saint Petersburg, Russia). Philip Davydov is a professional, second-generation iconographer with about 20 years of experience. He is currently a lecturer and scientific secretary at the Institute of Theology and Sacred Arts and head of Sacred Murals Studio.

Philip’s goal and the goal of his studio is to create icons and murals as actual Christian art, deeply rooted in 2000 years of Christian church tradition of sacred art. Philip and Olga share this creative and responsible approach as well as their own experience and professional discoveries of recent time with the students.


The method, used and taught by Philip and Olga is not a craftsman’s practice, which supposedly might guarantee “perfect results”. They rather aim to teach students a specific professional approach, which can be used for iconography and for almost any type of traditional painting/drawing.

Download a printable flyer – description of our Advanced Iconography Workshop in Saint Mary’s City MD in PDF format:http://sacredmurals.com/iconstudies/advanced_iconography_workshop.pdf